Drones in My Backyard
(13 min) US
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Friday 10/17, 8:30 PM (Session 4)

Director: Alan Snitow
Producer: Deborah Kaufman


Drones in My Backyard is a frightening and funny video mash-up about the coming of drones to the United States. One day a drone appears in the filmmaker's backyard, hovering over his head. It's the catalyst for an extended meditation and free association on the presence of drones in war-making, the role of drones in surveillance, and the thrill of flying when you put on goggles to see what the drone sees. Whether it's the Predator, The Argus, or cute little Hummingbirds, there are drones of all shapes and sizes flying to a rock and roll beat.. and the incessant buzzing of cameras overhead.


Alan Snitow's films include the award-winning Between Two Worlds, Thirst, Secrets of Silicon Valley, and Blacks and Jews. Snitow was a producer at the top-rated KTVU-TV News, the Bay Area Fox affiliate, for twelve years. Before that, he was the news director for eight years at the Bay Area’s Pacifica radio station, KPFA-FM, winning the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Gold Award for Best Local Newscast. Snitow was a board member of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the Film Arts Foundation, and president of the board of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. He is currently a board member of the California Media Collaborative, and a member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. He is a graduate of Cornell University.

Deborah Kaufman's films include the award-winning Between Two Worlds, Thirst, Secrets of Silicon Valley, and Blacks and Jews. She founded and for thirteen years was director of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, the first and largest independent Jewish film showcase in the world. Kaufman has been a board member of the California Council for the Humanities and Amnesty International USA. She has been a consultant, programmer, lecturer, and activist with a variety of human rights, multicultural and media arts organizations. Kaufman is a graduate of University of California Hastings College of the Law and a member of the California Bar.

Contact Information:

Snitow Kaufman Productions
e: secrets@igc.org
w: www.snitow-kaufman.org


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