Traveling Festival
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Wahid's Mobile Bookstore

(11 minutes) India/USA

Sunday, 10/24, 2:40pm (Session VI)

Director/Producer: Anjoo Khosla


Among the traffic, smog, blaring horns and careening commuters that crowd the intersections of Mumbai, India is Wahid, a 9-year-old mobile bookseller. While he does not read English, he deftly weaves in and around the cars selling international bestsellers, haggling over the price and recommending books to patrons sitting in their air-conditioned cars. It's a dangerous "paper route," but it provides his family of six with the extra income they need to survive in their one room slum. While the majority of all his book sales go to his mother, Wahid keeps ten rupees (approximately twenty cents) for himself in a piggy bank. One day he hopes to buy a bicycle. Wahid also dreams of becoming a doctor as he supports his family with his mobile bookstore.


Anjoo Khosla lives and works in San Francisco, California. After graduating in communications arts from St. Xavier's Institute of Communications in Bombay she worked as a production manager and assistant director on documentary, advertising and feature films and music videos. She then moved to New York and graduated from The New York Institute of Technology with a master's in film and television. Working as a volunteer for a San Francisco based nonprofit agency dealing with domestic violence in the South Asian community, she was inspired to make her first documentary, Veil of Silence in 2007. It focuses on domestic violence in the South Asian community in Silicon Valley. Making extensive use of paintings, sculpture and poetry, she weaves through disturbing and sad stories of several victims narrated by the victims themselves. In addition, she was also director of cinematography for several music videos for an upcoming music team. She is currently working with director Alan Baiss in the production of a feature documentary Evolution of Integral Consciousness and Planetary Transformation in the 21st Century.

Contact Information:

ImagineOn Film
1738 Lombard Street, Apt 5
San Francisco, CA 94123
E-Mail: anjookhoslaA@yahoo.com
Web site: www.imagineonfilm.com


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