Thursday October 19| Cubberly Auditorium
6:30PM Opening night Reception
International food by Piatti, Music and Photo Exhibition "Blessed Are The Peacemakers"
7:30PM Opening words  
8:00PM Well-Founded Fear (USA)
10:15PM I was Born a Black Woman (Brazil)
11:00PM Ahinam Chay (Chile/Peru)
Friday October 20 | Annenberg Auditorium
3:30PM Grandfathers and Revolutions (Australia/Hungary)
4:30PM Uncle Saddam (Iraq/USA)
5:45PM Letters to the President (Slovakia)
7:00PM Hidden Wars of Desert Storm (USA)
8:20PM Guardians of the Forest (Malaysia)
9:20PM The Unwanted (Bulgaria)
10:20PM Collateral Damage:The Balkans after Nato's Air War (UK/USA)
Saturday October 21 | Annenberg Auditorium
1:00PM Talking with Fish and Birds (Ecuador)
2:00PM The Legend of King Sebastian (Brazil)
2:15PM Chiapas 1998: The Bad Harvest (Mexico)
3:00PM Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda (India)
4:00PM You Got to Move (USA)
5:00PM Roundtable:
International Human Rights Documentaries - from production to distribution
7:00PM My Country (Yugoslavia)
7:30PM KPFA on the Air (USA)
8:45PM House on Fire (USA)
10:00PM Back from the Brink:End the Nuclear Threat Now (USA)
10:20PM Paying for the Piper (Australia)
 Sunday October 22 | Cubberley Auditorium
1:00PM Chef (Cameroon)
2:00PM The Prince is Back (Russia)
3:15PM Imagining Place (USA)
4:00PM You are What You are Born for (Brazil)
4:06PM What I Saw in Hebron (Israel)
5:25PM Where the Sky Meets the Land (Germany/Kirgizstan)
7:00PM Closing Night Reception: Interantional food by Global Village Café and Music   

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