Chiapas 1998: The Bad Harvest
(14 minutes 30 seconds) Mexico
Director/Producer: Chiapas Media Project

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Chiapas 1998


Chiapas 1998: La Mala Cosecha (The Bad Harvest) is collaboration between indigenous and non-indigenous video-makers, which documents severe food shortages in 1998. A six-month drought followed by heavy rains and flooding destroyed 50% of the corn crops and 80% of the bean crops. This natural disaster, combined with the constant harassment by 60,000 troops and coupled with extreme poverty and marginalization, left the communities with few options.


The Chiapas Media Project provides video equipment, computers and training for marginalized indigenous communities in the southern-most state in Mexico. The resulting videotapes offer a unique, firsthand perspective on the lives and struggles of indigenous communities in Chiapas.

Contact Information:

Tom Hansen
Chiapas Media Project
4834 N. Springfield
Chicago, IL 60625
Phone: (773) 583-7728
Fax: (773) 583-7738

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