House on Fire
(60 minutes) USA
Director: Mustapha Khan
Producers: Donna Dewey and Carol Pasternak

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Despite comprising only about 13 percent of the U.S. population, African-Americans represent nearly 60 percent of those infected with HIV/ADS. House on Fire explores the nature of this epidemic, its causes and how the community is positively responding to it. Both a call to action and a tribute to the power of communal unity, the film features the men, women and children who are infected with HIV and others who are affected by it. It also features notable personalities such as poet Maya Angelou, NAACP President Kwaasi Mfume and U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher.


Mustapha Khan is an Emmy Award winning filmmaker who has been making documentaries, short films, commercials and music videos since 1988. His credits include directing the critically acclaimed documentary Reflections of a Native Son, the Emmy-nominated Sesame Street Jam: a 25th Anniversary Special, as well as commercials and videos starring performers such as: Gloria Estefan, Bill Cosby, Quincy Jones and Ray Charles. Khan graduated from Harvard University in 1984 and currently lives in New York.

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Mustapha Khan, Director
Mustapha Khan Productions
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Brooklyn, NY 11231
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