You are What You Are Born For
(6 minutes) Brazil
Director: Roberto Berliner
Producer: Renato Pereira

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You are What You are Born For


The vertigo provoked by vision. Absence provoked excess. The compromise with surviving. A whole life based on absence. Three blind sisters sing begging for money in Campina Grande, state of Paraíba. They declare that it was their fate to be blind.


Director Roberto Berliner graduated in social communication and journalism at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. His work includes documentaries and musical events. Mr. Berliner edited the "Ovidio" by filmmaker Joaquim Pedro de Andrade and received the Best Editing Prize at the Festival de Video do Rio. In 1988 he directed the documentary "Angola" which was awarded with special prize from the Centre International de Creation Video Montbeliard Belfort and from the Festival Fototica Video Brazil. You are What you are Born for won numerous awards: Best Latin American Film at Festival in Bilbao, Best Brazilian Documentary at the film festival in San Paulo and Certificate of Merit at San Francisco International Film Festival. From 1991 Mr. Berliner is a partner in TV Zero.

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