The Legend of King Sebastian
(13 minutes) Brazil
Director: Roberto Machado Jr.
Producer: Tempo Filmes/Brasil

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The Legend of King Sebastian


Stories tell that King Sebastian of Portugal disappeared in the dunes of Marocco desert, during the Battle of Alcazar Quibir in 1578, was transformed into a black bull that appears on the beaches of the mysterious Lencois Island, off the cost of Maranhao, Brazil. In this film, he is present in the stories told by the natives as well as in the religious chants. The Maranhao variant of King Sebastian’s Legend is a unique narrative, impregnated with references that indicate historical relationship with Portugal and Africa, based on a popular background.


Roberto Machado Jr. was born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. He is a social scientist and has a Master degree in Communication. He is currently working on his Doctorate in Movies and Television at the São Paulo University. Also he is teaching scriptwriting, television production and journalism at the same University. As a moviemaker and journalist, he directed 8 short feature films and worked on several Brazilian and foreign films produced in Brazil. Since 1993, Machado runs his own company, producing documentaries, television programs and translations and dubbing for the Discovery Channel, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Cinar and Hallmark, among others.

Contact Information:

Roberto Machado, Director
Tempo Filmes/Brasil
Rua Simpatia, 208 Vila Madelena
05436-020 Sao Paulo, Brasil
Phone/Fax: (55 11) 212 44 33

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