Uncle Saddam
(66 minutes) USA/Iraq
Director/Producer: Joel Soler
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Uncle Saddam


This documentary contains never before seen footage of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein plus exclusive interviews with Saddam's inner circle. UNCLE SADDAM allows the viewer a glimpse into Saddam's personal life and shows him in a more intimate way than ever before. For the first time viewers will also discover Saddam Hussein's family, including the revenge, betrayal and murder within the clan. Discover what makes the most demonized man in America tick.


In 1993, Joel Soler began his career in the media as a talk show host for the French Television Paris Premiere. He occasionally co-hosted another talk show in Paris for Lebanese Television called Future TV. Two years later, he was a journalist for the French educational Television program, La Cinquieme. In 1996, he moved to the United States and became a free lance journalist and producer for TFI, France 2 (France) and Surf Channel (USA). In May 2000, he produced in Hollywood for the French Fashion legend Pierre Cardin the Opera-Musical titled Le Manege. In September 2000, he released his first feature length documentary called Uncle Saddam which he produced and directed.

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Joel Soler, Director/Producer
Phone/Fax: (323) 655-7457

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