What I Saw in Hebron
(73 minutes) Israel
Directors: Dan and Noit Geva
Producer: Michal Arram

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What I Saw in Hebron


At the turn of the century, Jews and Arabs lived together peacefully in northern Israel. Then the arrival of orthodox Jews created an imbalance. As Ashkenazi Jews came to redeem lands in the Holy Land in the beginning of the 20th century, the relationship between Hebron’s Sephardic Jews and Palestinians was disrupted. The unrest culminated in a bloody massacre 1929, when local Arabs killed 67 members of the Jewish community. In What I saw in Hebron filmmaker Noit Geva tells the story of her grandmother, Zemira Mani, who survived the massacre because an Arab neighbor saved her.


Dan Geva graduated The Jerusalem Film and Television School 1994. His wife and film-partner, Noit Geva received her Master degree in Comunication at the Hebrew University Jerusalem in 1989. They both teach documentary film: theory and practice at Haifa University, The Open University Tel-Aviv & Beit-Berl Art College. They worked together on several awarded documentaries: Jerusalem, Rhythms of A Distant City, Alaska The 7th Year, My Mother’s 1st Olympics, Take Now Your Son, Routine and What I saw in Hebron.

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