The Prince is Back
(59 minutes) Russia
Director/Producer: Marina Goldovskaya

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The Prince is Back


The Prince is Back is the story of one man’s uncompromising fight to achieve his dream against all odds. The documentary chronicles Russian Prince Eugene Meshersky’s struggle to resurrect his life while restoring his castle to its former glory in a tiny village outside of Moscow. Through the eyes of his tenant, his friends and his neighbors we get a rare account of what life is like for Russian people tucked away from the media’s eye. The castle’s ruins are a metaphor for the House of Russia, it’s shattered dreams, ongoing struggle, and commitment to a better future. Ultimately, however, the story is a universal one about human resilience.


Marina Goldovskaya, is one of Russia’s best known documentary filmmakers. She has made twenty nine films as director, cinematographer and writer and fifty TV Programs as director of photography for Austrian, French, German, Russian and US Television. Ms. Goldovskaya has been teaching Documentary Filmmaking around the world since 1969. In 1993, she became a professor at the University of California Los Angeles School of Film and Television. Her film credits include award wining Solovky Power about the horrors of Soviet Concentration camps and A Taste for Freedom about Glasnost, which she made for Turner Television.

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