Grandfathers and Revolutions
(53 minutes) Australia/Hungary
Director/Producer: Peter Hegedus
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Grandfathers and Revolutions


Andras Hegedus was Prime Minister of Hungary during the communist regime. He is still held responsible for calling in the Soviet troops to quash the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. In the reprisal, thousands died and many fled the country. In Grandfathers and Revolutions, filmmaker Peter Hegedus leaves his home in Australia to return to Hungary, his country of birth, and ask his grandfather about this decision that shaped Eastern European history for many decades to come. This personal journey explores the past, as it becomes the future.


Director Peter Hegedus won his first award while still in high school. His half-hour short called ‘My Journey’ won second prize in the New filmmaker’s awards in Brisbane. While studying film and television at Queensland College of Art, Australia he made several documentaries and short films, two of which (Lips and Pens, Naughty By Nature) were broadcast on Australian television. Believing that the "task as filmmakers is to inspire and teach ourselves as well as the audience", he began Grandfathers and Revolutions in 1997 and has recently completed the project.

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