Back from the Brink:
End the Nuclear Threat Now

(14 minutes) USA
Rachel Freedman
Ben de la Cruz
Mark Sugg
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Back From the Brink


When President Clinton criticized the Russians for their bombardment of Chechnya, Yeltsin was visiting China. If you saw him waving his fist and declaring "Just remember, we have nuclear weapons too!" You might have been appalled at his words. You suddenly understand that both the Russians and the United States are still on nuclear alert, and a false alarm could start a nuclear war. This almost occurred when the Swedish government sent out a weather satellite, and the Russian military thought it was a nuclear missile headed for Moscow. The military had not been informed until the last minute, but Yeltsin had only 5 minutes to make a decision.


Ben de la Cruz is a writer and producer for's Camera Works photography and multimedia channel. He has produced several short documentaries, including most recently a history of national political conventions called "Ballots to Bits: Conventions Then and Now." His 1996 documentary "Festival of Dreams," aired as a PBS special.

Rachel Freedman is an associate producer for the PBS series America's Defense Monitor, produced by the Center for Defense Information, an independent, non-partisan, military research organization located in Washington, DC. A 1999 graduate of Syracuse University, with a B.A. in fine art photography, her work was twice published in the "Best of College Photography" annual.

As a director of Television Production, Mark Sugg has worked with America's Defense Monitor since it's inception in 1987. He was for four years Associate Producer of Ideal Communications and for four years General Manager of Congressional Video Services. At the Center for Defense Information he has a major responsibility for distribution and marketing of America's Defense Monitor and the tapes and transcripts from the series.

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