Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
(63 minutes 45 seconds) USA
Directors/Producers: Gerard Ungerman and Audrey Brohy
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Hidden Wars


Ten years after Saddam Hussein launched his troops against Kuwait, The Hidden Wars of Desert-Storm, a self funded digital video-expose, explores some of the more controversial questions of the war. Were all diplomatic means really utilized to try and resolve the issue peacefully? What are the facts behind "Gulf War Syndrome"? And, what are the alternative purposes behind the embargo against Iraq that still persists? The result of two years of investigating, The Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, narrated by actor John Hurt, uses documents never before seen on television, and interviews with prominent figures such as General Norman Schwarzkopf, former Attorney General Ramsey Clark and former UN Iraq Program Director Dennis Halliday, among others, to answer these and other questions.


Co-producer and director Gerard Ungerman served several years as an infantry platoon-leader before starting Free-Will Productions with his wife Audrey Brohy. Ms. Brohy, who also shared production and direction credits on of Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, studied film directing at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Past Free-Will documentaries include Peru: Between the Hammer and the Anvil and Confessions of a New York Call Girl.

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Gerard Ungerman, Director/Producer
E-mail: freewillprod@prodigy.net

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