The Unwanted
(52 minutes) Bulgaria
Director/Producer: Adela Peeva

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The Unwanted


In the South-Eastern part of Bulgaria, close to border with Turkey, two communities have always lived together — the Bulgarians and the Turks. In the mid 80 the communists authorities started to forcefully change the Turkish names of about one million Turks into Bulgarian ones, in an attempt to resolve the ethnic problems that had been piled up for years. The ones who did not accept Bulgarian names had to leave Bulgaria. Within a couple of months more than 350.000 people emigrated to Turkey. Entire villages and regions were depopulated. Turkey at first accepted the emigrants, but then unexpectedly closed the border. This lead to a tragedy of thousands of divided families. Unwanted presents three of them.


Bulgarian director/producer Adela Peeva graduated in Film and TV directing and producing at the Academy for Film, Theatre and TV in Belgrade in 1971. Since than she worked on forty documentaries and feature films released in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Russia, the US and Yugoslavia. Some of them were banned in Bulgaria during the communist system. 1991 Ms. Peeva established "ADELA MEDIA" Film and TV Productions Company and she works as an independent producer and director. Unwanted is a Bulgarian-Turkish-ZDF/ARTE co-production. The film was nominated for PRIX EUROPE in Berlin 1999 and received the Special Award of the Jury at ZLATEN RITON, National Non-Fiction Film Festival in Plovdiv.

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Adela Peeva, Director/Producer
3 Babuna planina Str.
1126 Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: 3592 962 48 59
Fax: 3592 962 47 89

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