Where the Sky Meets the Land
(85 minutes) Germany/Kirgizstan
Director/Producer: Frank Müller

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Where the Sky Meets the Land


In the barren, mountainous region of the Central Asian Republic up to 3.000 meters above sea level lies the country of Kirgizstan. Here the local people undertake their ancient battle for survival against the wolves and a new enemy - a modern, massive, Canadian-owned gold mine. In spite of the pollution and destruction which threatens the natural resources of Kirgizstan, the mine's owners believe they are enriching the lives of the Kirgiz. But their lives are only self-enriched, as they heroically celebrate life as they always known it. "Where the Sky Meets the Land" offers a rare look at this life. It takes part in a traditional Kirgiz festival. We meet a Kirgiz philosopher who is one of the last men who still knows the famous Kirgiz epos "Manas". Through him we look into the hearts of this nomad people, who survive against all odds. The film poses many questions about how human beings deal with old traditions and modern technology. It opens the eyes of the viewer to the fine line between salvaging tradition and the environment, or destroying it forever.


Director/Producer Frank Müller was born in Netherlands. From 1991 to 1996 he was studying at the film school Ludwigsburg. Mr. Müller worked on different projects for Studio Hamburg, German-French TV channel ARTE, German TV ARD and TV SDR as a cameraman, director and producer. In 1997 he became an independent filmmaker. His films were shown from Paris and Mannheim to Cannes Film Festival. Where the Sky Meets the Land is the winner of IDA Award 1999 and of San Francisco Film Society, Golden Spire Award 2000.

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