Talking with Fish and Birds
(43 minutes) Ecuador
Rainer Simon/Frank Sputh

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Talking With Fish and Birds


Llanchamacocha is the name of one of three places in the Ecuadorian jungle where the last of the Záparo Indians live; seven houses and a runway encircled by the meandering Rio Conambo. Fifteen pure Záparo are said to live in Ecuador today, with some hundred more in Perú. In Llanchamacocha live 60 Indígenas, two-thirds of who are children — Záparos mixed with Quichua Indians, but living the traditional Záparo way of life. Once one of the most powerful peoples in the Amazon, they are now threatened by extinction. The film presents the life of the family of the last shaman of the Ecuadorian Záparos — Manari (Cayman) Ushigua, who died two years ago. His wisdom is largely responsible for the Záparos’ being able to preserve their culture. He protected them from encroachments by Catholic missionaries and Protestant sects.


Rainer Simon was born in Hainichen, Germany and studied at the German Academy of Cinematics in Babelsberg. He has produced and directed numerous documentary and feature films and his work has been shown at several international film festivals. In 1985, he received the prestigious Golden Bear Award at the Berlin International Film Festival and GDR critics’ award for his film "The Woman and the Stranger".

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