Over one-hundred submissions from all over the world have been carefully reviewed for the third-annual UNAFF. The UNAFF jury has selected twenty-six of these films to be screened at this year's festival. All twenty-six films deal with human rights issues and other topics related to the United Nations. The documentaries selected showcase topics from Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Ecuador, Germany, Hungary, India, Iraq, Israel, Kirgizstan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, United States and Yugoslavia.

Title (click for info) Prod./Director Time Format Country
Ahinam Chay, Asi es Esta Historia Isabel Hernandez
Rodrigo Ivan Sepulveda
35' 16mm Chile/Peru
Back from the Brink: End the Nuclear Threat Now Rachel Freedman/Ben de la Cruz 14' Betacam USA
Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda Shriprakash 55' Betacam India
Chef Jean-Marie Teno 61' 16mm Cameroon
Chiapas 1998:The Bad Harvest Chiapas Media Project 15' tape 1/2" Mexico
Collateral Damage: The Balkans after NATO's Air War Aaron Lukas/Gary Dempseg 53' Betacam USA/UK
Grandfathers and Revolutions Peter Hegedus 53' Betacam Australia/
Guardians of the Forest Mary Maguire/Alan D'Cruz 52' Betacam Malaysia
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm Audrey Brohy/Gerard Ungerman 64' Betacam USA
House on Fire Mustapha Khan/Donna Dewey/ Carol Pasternak 60' Betacam USA
I was Born a Black Woman K.Miller/M. Mendonca/V.Franco 44' Betacam USA
Imagining Place Anita Chang 35' 16mm USA
KPFA on the Air Veronica Selver/Sharon Wood 56' Betacam USA
Letters to the President Lenka Moravcikova/Ivo Brachtl 36' Betacam Slovakia
Legend of King Sebastian, The Roberto Machado/Paulo Baiano 13' Betacam Brazil
My Country Goran Radovanovic 23' Betacam Yugoslavia
Paying for the Piper Ed Punchard/Julia Redwood 57' Betacam Australia
Prince is Back, The Marina Goldovskaya 59' Betacam Russia
Talking with Fish and Birds Rainer Simon/Frank Sputh 43' Betacam Ecuador
Uncle Saddam Joel Soler 66' Betacam Iraq/USA
Unwanted, The Adela Peeva 52' Betacam Bulgaria
Well-Founded Fear Shari Robertson/Michael Camerini 119' 35mm USA
What I Saw in Hebron Michal Arram/Dan and Noit Geva 73' 16mm Israel
Where the Sky Meets the Land Frank Miller 85' 35mm Germany/ Kirgizstan
You are What You are Born for RenatoPereira/Roberto Berliner 6' 35mm Brazil
You Got To Move Lucy Massie Phenix 87' Betacam USA

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