Over one-hundred and sixty submissions from all over the world have been carefully reviewed and the UNAFF jury has selected thirty-one of these films to be screened at this year's festival The documentaries selected showcase topics from Afghanistan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republik, Cyprus, Cuba, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Laos, Lebanon, Mexico, Mozambique, Namibia, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Slovakia, Turkey, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, the United States and Zimbabwe

An American Dream in Nizny Hrabovec Ana Njemoga-Kolar,
Slovenska TV
10:00 Slovakia Betacam
Arms for the Poor Lawrence M. Rich, John
Ankele, Anne Macksound
25:00 USA Betacam
Bombay Eunuch Alexandra Shiva, Sean
MacDonald, Michelle
71:00 India/USA Betacam
Close and Far Away Tzipi Trope 52:00 Israel Betacam
Dangerous Art Sean Kelly 06:50 Canada/
Death on a Friendly Border Rachel Antell 25:48 Mexico/USA Betacam
Diamonds and Rust Adi Barash, Ruthie Shatz 73:00 Namibia/Israel Betacam
Divided Loyalties Sophia Constantinou 56:40 Cyprus/USA 16 mm
Gangbreaker Jonathan Goodman Levitt 11:00 UK Betacam
Good Kurds, Bad Kurds:
No Friends but the Mountains
Kevin McKiernan 79:00 Turkey/USA Betacam
Human Remains Jay Rosenblatt 30:00 USA 16mm
In Cane for Life Jorge Wolney Atalla 68:28 Brazil 35m
In the Light of Reverence Christopher McLeod 73:00 USA Betacam
India Inhales Amanda Rudman, Robert
25:00 India/USA Betacam
Journey Back to Youth A. Gutman, S. Litvjakov 54:00 Germany/Russia Betacam
LaLee's Kin:
The Legacy of Cotton
Susan Froemke, Deborah
88:44 USA Betacam
Long Night's Journey
Into Day
Frances Reid, Deborah
94:00 South Africa/USA 35mm
Losing It Sharon Greytak 90:00 Brazil/Italy/
Hong Kong/
Our Own Road John Montoya, Charlotte
27:00 Mexico/USA 1/2 VHS
Right Road Lost Victoria Gamburg 11:01 USA 16 mm
Roads Full of Apricots Nigol Bezjian 35:00 Lebanon Betacam
Sister Wife Timna Goldstein, Hadar
60:00 Israel/USA Betacam
Soldiers in the Army of God Marc Levin, Daphne
Pinkerson, Daniel Voll
70:00 USA Betacam
The Bee, the Bear, and the Kuruba Vinod Raja, Ashok
63:00 India 16mm
The Split Horn: Life of A Hmong Shaman in America Taggart Siegel, Jim
58:00 Laos/USA Betacam
Tina Machida in Zimbabwe Robbie Hart, Luc Cote 26:00 USA/Zimbabwe Betacam
Traces of Soil Dawn Jackson 22:00 USA Betacam
Trafficking Cinderella Mira Niagolova 48:00 Canada Betacam
Where Women Are Banned Tassia Kobylinska 16:00 Afghanistan/UK Betacam
Special Screenings:
90 Miles Juan Carlos Zaldivar,
Nicole Betancourt
79:00 Cuba/USA Betacam
Liquid Crystal Vision Torsten Kummer,
59:00 UK Betacam

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