(10 minutes) Slovakia
Director: Ana Njemoga - Kolar
Producer: Slovenska TV
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One of the most neuralgic points in the life of Slovakia and especially its eastern part are the problematic relationship between the major population and gypsy community. Both sides reject each other by mutual unwillingness to admit that the other side might have some positive features. Europe learnt about this intolerance when gypsy population from Slovakia started to apply for political asylum in European countries. A young gypsy appears who is willing to establish and develop a cultural life in the village. He does not care who is gypsy and who is not; he offers his energy and ideas to everybody who is interested in it. The problem is, there is not interest. But Gabriel _ipo_ does not give up. He wants to establish a folk ensemble that would perform both gypsy and non-gypsy dance. The village people look at the strange Gabriel with the mistrust. But he looks all the time further too, where his role model - Elvis Presley - did not stop to be alive for him. He would like to be like Elvis.

Writer/Director/Editor Ana Njemoga-Kolar completed studies at the University of Novi Sad's Department of Slovak language and literature in the Faculty of Philosophy. Most of her career of writing, directing and editing has focused on cultural issues and the development of children's' programs, radio plays and short stories. She co-founded Igropis, a magazine for children's' theatre and is the author of more than 20 original radio plays. Her children's' fairytales, short stories and plays have won numerous awards, garnering her acknowledgement both nationally and internationally. In both 1989 and 1990 she was awarded First Prize in national reviews of dramatic productions for children. She currently works as the Editor In Chief of the Documentary department, TV Global, Slovakia.

Ana Njemoga Kolar
Narodna Trieda 68
04 006 Kosice
Slovak Republic

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