THE SPLIT HORN: Life of A Hmong Shaman in America
(58 minutes) Laos/USA
Director: Taggart Siegel
Producers: Jim McSilver
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In the film THE SPLIT HORN: LIFE OF A HMONG SHAMAN IN AMERICA Taggart Siegel and Jim McSilver, document the 17 year journey of Paja Thao, a Hmong shaman, and his family transplanted from the mountains of Laos to Americašs heartland. Paja Thao plays an important spiritual role in a community of Hmong refugees in Appleton, Wisconsin. As his children turn to cartoons, computer games and Christianity, Paja struggles to keep his family connected to their 5,000-year-old shamanic traditions.

Taggart Siegel had been producing and directing award-winning documentaries and dramatic films for 18 years. Siegelšs social documentaries "Between Two Worlds: The Hmong Shaman in America," "Blue Collar and Buddha," and Heart Broken in Half" have aired on public and cable television, and are distributed worldwide. Siegel has also co-produced and co-directed the feature film "Shadow of a Pepper Tree" and directed short dramatic films including, "Affliction," "Bitter Harvest," "Ember Days," and "Body Memories". In addition, Siegel has produced documentary and dramatic films including "Destroying Angel," "The Beloved," and "The Disenchanted Forest" for National Geographic Television.

Jim McSilver has produced documentaries, shorts and feature films since 1990. He line produced and production managed indie features including "Seldom Dreaming" and the 1999 Sundance feature "Life Tastes Good". McSilver has written and directed documentaries and educational videos for University of Colorado and Lifetime Television about emerging trends in the nursing and health care fields. He is a producer and co-director of the feature film in development, "TED: A One-Woman Movie".

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