Where Women are Banned


(16 minutes) Afghanistan/UK
Director/Producer: Tassia Kobylinska
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Three women from Afghanistan tell their haunting stories. They talk about the tearing away of their freedom and the human rights abuses inflicted on them by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Stories show clearly that for these women, there was no option but to flee and seek refuge in another country. In the UK the British media do not welcome asylum seekers with open arms, the words 'bogus' and 'fake' often precede the word refugee. The women in this film unveil a chilling and dark tale, after which nobody could question the validity of their plight.

This is Tassia's first film made whilst doing an MA in Documentary at Goldsmith's College. Before the MA she worked for over 10 years in the community field with among others refugees, homeless and travelers. Tassia has since gone on to make two films in collaboration with a group of people with learning disabilities and a group of mental health service users. She now works for Dawson Films, where she has been involved in making films about young people in care and young offenders.

Tassia Kobylinska
E-mail: tassiak@hotmail.com

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