(27 minutes) Mexico/USA
Director/Producer: Charlotte Beyers
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As narrator of "OUR OWN ROAD", David Werner notes hat poverty among Mexican farmers has increased sharply since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was enacted in 1994. Many have been forced to grow marijuana and opium because they cannot survive by growing traditional crops such as corn and beans and this drug cultivation and dealing has led to increased violence. David Warner and impoverished farmers in rural Mexico have developed extremely low cost community-based care for hundreds of casualties of drug war and trafficking over the past 20 years. Led by a crew of disabled men and women, they have inspired similar efforts around the world.

Charlotte Beyers, a widely published journalist, began making documentary films after her brother-in-law died of AIDS in 1985. She earned her bachelor's degree in English in 1953 and her Master's in communication in 1970 from Stanford, as a single parent with four children. Her first video, "AIDS In Your School" (1987), was a pioneering effort targeted at teenagers. It features Ryan White, now memorialized in basic Federal AIDS funding legislation. Honored with a CINE golden eagle and by the National Educational Film and Video Festival, it was recommended internationally by the World Health Organization. In 1999, soon after finishing filming "Our Own Road" in Mexico, she had an extremely rare fifth-year relapse of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and endured a second round of chemotherapy. She has been in remission for the past year.

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