(73 minutes) USA
Director/Producer: Christopher McLeod
Co-producer: Malinda Maynor
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In the Light of Reverence explores American culture's relationship to nature in three places considered sacred by native peoples: Mt. Shasta in California, the Colorado Plateau in the Southwest and Devils Tower in Wyoming. Rich in minerals and timber and beloved by recreational users, these "holy lands" exert a spiritual gravity, which pulls Native Americans into conflicts with mining companies, New Age practitioners, and rock climbers. Ironically, all sides see themselves as besieged. Their battles tell a new story of culture clashes in an ancient landscape.

Producer/Director Christopher (Toby) McLeod has produced three award-winning, hour-long documentaries, all broadcast on national television: The Four Corners: A National Sacrifice Area, Downwind/ Downstream and Poison in the Rockies. In 1990 he produced Voices of the Land as a 20-minute preview of the Sacred Land Film Project. In 1997 he completed A Thousand Years of Ceremony, a 40-minute profile of Wintu healer Florence Jones and her efforts to protect Mt. Shasta as a sacred site for the Wintu. His first film was The Cracking of Glen Canyon Dam - with Edward Abbey and Earth First. Since 1984 he has been the Project Director of Earth Island Institute's Sacred Land Film Project. McLeod has a Masters Degree in Journalism from U.C. Berkeley and a BA in American history from Yale.

Co-producer Malinda Maynor is a graduate of Stanford University's Masters program in Documentary Film and Video and holds a BA in American history and literature from Harvard University. She is a Lumbee Indian from North Carolina, and has made several award-winning short films about her Lumbee culture and heritage that have shown on public television. She is currently producing a CD-ROM and developing a web site on Lumbee religion and gospel music: Sounds of Faith - Lumbee Indian History and Religion. She teaches in American Indian Studies at San Francisco State University.

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