Sister Wife

(60 minutes) Israel/USA
Director/Producer: Timna Goldstein/Hadar Kleinman
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Their religion is as ancient as time, yet their community has only emerged but a few decades ago. The Hebrew Israelites established themselves in the south of Israel not so long ago in 1969. The migration of his community of African-Americans was primarily driven by the harsh conditions of life in the U.S. ghettos coupled with the desire to create a stronger identity. Over the years, the Hebrew Israelites have come to develop a greater community. Their beliefs and practices are strictly limited to the Law of the Torah - one of these being polygamy. The patriarchal practice of polygamy allows a husband to have more than one wife. This 60-minute film gives us a little glimpse into the life of one family as they induct a second wife and explores the complex community of the Hebrew Israelites.

Timna Goldstein was born in London, but later moved to Israel when she was two years old. Then she moved the U.S. in 1980, where she spent a few years of her life in Chicago. She pursued acting at Yoram Levinstein's School of Acting and studied TV and Film at Tel-Aviv University. She has worked on various productions in Israel as well as abroad. Sister-Wife is her first documentary film. Hadar Kleinman was born in Ramat-Gan, Israel. She came to the U.S. in 1983, where she briefly resided in Los Angeles, California for about a year. Sister-Wife is also her first documentary film.

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