(11 minutes) UK
Director/Producer: Jonathan Goodman Levitt
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Errol is a youth worker in one of the UK's most troublesome neighborhoods for gang violence. When this violence is brought home to the 'club' where Errol works, he remembers how he escaped the gang life himself. Filmed in just two days with Errol and his family, Gangbreaker is a snapshot of a survivor of some of London's meanest streets.

Jonathan Goodman Levitt studied art, philosophy & psychology at Stanford, where he founded Stanford Film Society in 1995. Raised in New Jersey, he moved to London in 1999 with the support of a Fulbright Scholarship. The first public screening of Sunny Intervals and Showers, his feature-length documentary about three manic-depressives living in England, is scheduled for the late 2001.

Jonathan Goodman Levitt
VBB Productions
3 Saint George's Terrace
London, NW1 8XH

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