Divided Loyalties

(56 minutes) Cyprus/USA
Director/Producer: Sophia Constatinou
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Fractured into a Turkish North and a Greek South, the island of Cyprus is divided by ethnicity, faith and land through a tragic modern history. In the 20th-century alone, Cyprus endured the brutal assaults of colonialism, revolution, civil war and invasion. Unknown to many, Cyprus remains the second most militarized zone in the world, behind Korea. The UN, Turkey and Great Britain continue to hold strong military presence in Cyprus - serving the island into separate Greek and Turkish territories. Cypriots are constantly reminded of their disjointed identities by military border zone physically splitting the island into North and South regions. This documentary explores diaspora identity and dual national identity through the bittersweet memories of the immigrants and exiles from the distant homeland.

Sophia Constantinou has been dedicatedly directing and photographing non-fiction and fiction films since 1992. Her award winning films "Divided Loyalties", "Between the Lines", "Impact Zone" and "Trans" have shown around the globe in festivals, museums and on TV. Working as a Director and Director of Photography in San Francisco independent and commercial film industry, she has photographed in film and video for commercial clients; for PBS national and for KQED local public television; for non-profit clients such as the Film Arts Foundation, the Jewish Film Festival, CAL Welfare to Work; and independent features and shorts. A graduate of the UC Berkeley Film Department Constantinou teaches filmmaking, cinematography and media literacy throughout the Bay Area.

Sophia Constantinou
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