Right Road Lost
(59 minutes) UK
Directors/Producers: Torsten Kummer, Omananda-Tantric
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Liquid Crystal Vision is an intuitive collage of electronic dance music from around the world, 3-D computer animation, and live footage. The film takes an artistic approach in exploring pathways to a mystical and cultural understanding. Interwoven with the visuals and music are brief appearances by significant figures in the electronic dance music culture such as System 7, Banco de Gaia, Youth, Shpongle and others.

Producer/Director Torsten Klimmer, alias Omananda, was born in East Germany where he had his own black and white photo lab. In 1998, he turned to digital 3-chip video as a result of living in Tokyo and being "discovered" as a talented visual artist. Torsten traveled through South East Asia and India where he shot video for 2 years. He filmed tribal people and anything that was of interest to him. He also filmed international trance parties in Hungary, Romania, India, Japan, Europe and the U.S. In between his travels, Torsten organized the "Omananda video shows" in which he mixed his video material with sounds and visuals. Those shows took place in Tokyo, Berlin and San Francisco. He also VJd at trance parties.

Producer/Editor - Billy Rood, alias Tantric Demon also co-produced a Fractal film about the origin of the Mandelbroth set with Gordon Films UK. Billy also VJs his fantastic graphics that come out of the Tantric fractal peace laboratory (Brixton). Billy Rood published the book; "Introducing Fractal Geometry" that was published by Totem books in 2000.

Billy Rood
55 Dalberg Road
SW2 1AJ London
E-mail: omananda@yahoo.com
URL: www.omananda.com

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