(6 minutes 50 seconds) Canada/Mozambique
Director/Producer: Sean Kelly
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Dangerous Art is a story of a deadly civil war, which ended in the African nation of Mozambique in 1992. Thousands of guns, grenades and landmines remain a continuing threat to the hard-won peace. As a result, a group of artists came up with a better use for the weapons - they are turning them into sculptures.

Sean Kelly is editor of the Sustainable Times, a Canadian magazine on environment and community issues, and an emerging filmmaker. His debut documentary, Cachet & Catsup: A Quick, Cheap but Tasty History of the North American Diner was broadcast nationally in Canada, and played at festivals in Canada and the U.S. It won Best Documentary at the Niagara Film Festival. Kelly's latest project is El Kayak: Paddling into the Heart of the Maya.

Sean Kelly
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