(54 minutes) Germany/Russia
Director/Producer: Alexander Gutman
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In A JOURNEY BACK TO YOUTH Alexander Gutman and Sergei Litviakov recall little known facts from the history of the Second World War; events that occurred after the occupation of East Prussia by the Red Army. The film tells the story of four wholly innocent German girls who were raped by Soviet soldiers and barely survived the horrors of Stalinšs camps, which they experienced alongside many fellow countrywomen and girls. Particularly topical here is the theme of the horror and senselessness of war, which can bring only suffering. War turns human beings into brutal beasts. But human beings can overcome anything, even the consequences of war, and find happiness. Still, however, the painful memories remain.

Alexander Gutman was educated at the Moscow Institute of Cinematography in Russia. He has been working as a producer, director and cameraman for the last 30 years and has a long list of film prizes. Journey Back To Youth won the Platinum Award at the Worldfest in Houston, TX in 2001 and the "Gold Camera Award" at the US International Film and Video Festival in 2001. Three Days and Never Again earned the Prize of Parnu International Documentary and Anthropology Film Festival in Estonia. Alexander was director of the American Project, Winton Marsalis in Russia. Filmographies include: Brubeck Returns to Moscow, Up To the Neck or Bodybuilding, 1244, 1245, 1246Š, Russians Have Gone, Getting to Know You, Pyramid, Hellow and Goodbye, Volleyball, Olympic Games- 80 , Box, and others.

Alexander Gutman
Kolomenskaya 28, #9
St. Petersburg 191119

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