Losing It

(90 minutes) Brazil/Italy/Hong Kong/Russia/USA
Director/Producer: Sharon Greytak
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Losing It by award-winning director Sharon Greytak takes us on a cross-cultural world tour from New York to Siberia, Italy to Brazil and on to Hong Kong as she reveals the aspirations and realities of people living with physical disability. Through subjective interviews and an evocative visual style, Greytak who has used a wheelchair since childhood, weaves a personal journey of resilience, vulnerability and the struggle to carve out a sense of purpose and worth with physical, social and economic limitations. Individuals interviewed include two Russians, a man and a woman with cerebral palsy, from Siberia who speak about their struggle for independence and opportunity; a woman from Hong Kong who had a stroke and has gained great insights into the world of disability in Chinese society; Northern Italian artist, Marino Crivellari who, ten years earlier developed Wilson's Disease, a rare blood disorder, leaving his mental capacities perfectly intact, but his external body severely affected; two Brazilians: a post-polio woman who has sold candy car to car at the traffic light from her wheelchair for the past twelve years to support her son and mother, and the well-known writer Marcello Paiva who became quadriplegic from a diving accident twenty years ago;an American woman living with post-polio who battled severe social and family prejudice when she entered an interracial marriage and had children.

Sharon Greytak is writer, producer, director of two award-winning features The Love Lesson (1996) distributed by In Pictures, and Hearing Voices (1990) which was released theatrically in the U.S. by Leisure Time Features, Phoenix International Films, and World Artists, Inc. where it was released on home video in the U.S. becoming their top-grossing movie since its release. She is also co-producer and director of the award-winning documentary Weirded Out And Blown Away (1986). Her films have won prizes at the Houston Intšl Film Festival, Chicago Intšl Film Festival and Athens International Film Festival, and Black Maria Festival. Currently, she is writing a new feature screenplay.

Sharon Greytak
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