(25 min) Finland

FRIDAY 10/20, 4:45 PM (SESSION 2)

Directors/Producers: Kati Eriksen and Scott Thornton


In 2017, three Sámi women broke the law to protect their traditions. The Sámi people had fished the Deatnu River as a livelihood and spiritual practice for centuries until Finland enforced unprecedented restrictions on the river. In a monumental case for Indigenous rights, Kati, Ánne, and Heidi fought the state to keep their culture alive.


Kati Eriksen is a Sámi activist, producer, and developer. Kati has worked in several Sámi organizations and Sámi projects. She is a solution-oriented developer and visionary by nature. Kati has worked for the Sámi language, culture, art and human rights since 1996. With her work, she wants to strengthen her community and enable the work of talented artists and carriers of indigenous Sámi culture and language. Kati Kati is the co-founder and executive director of the Sámi production company, Uksi Productions. Uksi was founded as a publishing platform for Sami music, but Kati has noticed that she has drifted into the world of films.

Scott Thornton is an experienced writer, producer, editor and owner of Dogspeed Films. His work has taken him to various international locations covering a variety of subjects. From institutional and corporate work, to feature length documentaries, he is capable of producing a variety of products. Scott has filmed in war zones and sensitive locations such as the United Nations and the Pentagon in a news gathering and documentary capacity. He also has produced a variety of corporate video products for clients such as: The University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Bonneville Communications and The Center for Nuclear Non-proliferation Studies. Scott is skilled in all aspects of film and video production, as well as office management and marketing.

Contact Information:

e: scott.s.thornton@gmail.com
w: https://www.homerivermovie.com

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