(21 min) C├┤te d'Ivoire/US

SATURDAY 10/28, 1:30 PM (SESSION 21)
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Directors/Producers: Annette King, Ivanovitch Ingabire


Growing up impoverished in the Ivory Coast, Evelyne Keomian was deprived of education and slipped into schools in a culture where only boys were educated. Determined to break the cycle of poverty through education, she founded the Karat School Project (KSP) in the Ivory Coast to empower the next generation of leaders. After immigrating to the US, she notices families living in vehicles around Silicon Valley who face barriers she once endured. Refusing to be a bystander, Evelyne expands the KSP to educate and empower families to become financially independent. Challenging the education system to help kids without a permanent address to register for school, Evelyne must now prioritize addressing poverty and barriers to education in her home country, and in her new community.


Annette King is CEO, Founder and Executive Producer at Splicer Films. She founded the production company to tell impactful stories that inspire audiences to create a better world. King has built a diverse team of talent collaborating on stories with purpose that evoke empathy, shift narratives and spotlight underrepresented cultures and subjects. She produced and co-directed Finding Ubuntu. She is developing the docuseries Unmasked, Real Heroes, Untold Stories. King holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Business Administration. She has over 25 years of experience in business development, social entrepreneurship and startups. She is a member of the Documentary Producers Alliance, Women in Film and Video, the National Association of Latino Producers, and Sundance Collab.

Ivanovitch Ingabire is a Burundian photographer and videographer. He is the founder of Funza Picha, an educational program based in Malawi to help refugee youth learn visual storytelling and photography skills to share their stories with the world. He is self-taught in photography and videography and has worked for over 10 years in multiple countries filming documentaries and other projects. He is Field Producer at Splicer Films and a volunteer with Fraternity Without Borders, an NGO helping refugees work with the Ubuntu Nation Project. He began his career in 2010, receiving training in film and documentary production.

Contact Information:

e: annette@splicerfilms.com
w: www.splicerfilms.com

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