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SATURDAY 10/21, 1:30 PM (SESSION 4)
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Directors: Justin Grubb, Annie Roth
Producers: Mathew Podolsky, Justin Grubb


In a small rural town in Pennsylvania, the refuge of a rare salamander and the only source of clean drinking water for 700 people is threatened by the installation of a fracking waste injection well, prompting community members to band together and mount an epic fight for the rights of their people and nature.


Justin Grubb is a filmmaker, photographer, published writer, naturalist, and co-founder of Running Wild Media. Justin earned his B.Sc. in Biology at Bowling Green State University and his Masters of Biology at Miami University. With years of international wildlife field research and formal/informal teaching experience, Justin combines these two fields with media to enhance science communication. Justin’s love for nature and passion for the outdoors has brought him to some of the most extreme habitats on earth to film critically endangered wildlife. He is a 2017 Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leader, a Nat Geo Wild "Wild to Inspire" award-winning filmmaker, and a member of the Explorers Club.

Annie Roth is a freelance science journalist and filmmaker based in Santa Cruz, California who is wild about wildlife. She covers biology, ecology, and wildlife conservation issues for National Geographic, the New York Times, Hakai Magazine, and many other publications. She ventures into the depths of the internet and the ocean in pursuit of one-of-a-kind stories. Through journalism, she strives to make the world a better place for humans and non-humans alike.

Mathew Podolsky produces films and podcasts that are a form of entertainment, but they are also tools to be used by educators, activists and outreach specialists. Every film that he produces is accompanied by an accompanying impact campaign – an outreach campaign specifically designed to have a measurable, positive impact on the outcome of the issue that is portrayed in the film.

Contact Information:

e: justin@runningwild.media
w: http://www.hellbentfilm.com

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