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Hidden Wounds
(57 minutes) Afghanistan/ Iraq/USA
Director: Iris Adler
Producers: Iris Adler, New England Cable News

It's estimated that one-in-five troops returning from the current war in Iraq will suffer some form of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Symptoms may include intrusive memories and dreams, flashbacks, hypervigilance, impaired memory, diminished affect, and feelings of estrangement from others that interfere with a return to civilian work and family. A powerful documentary, Hidden Wounds explores this painful reality through the stories of three veterans and their struggles to overcome the trauma of their experiences. Nate Fick, a Dartmouth College graduate, was a platoon commander in the elite Marine "Recon" unit. He fought in Afghanistan, and then Iraq, but on his return to the United States he became seriously depressed for close to a year. In dealing with his feelings, he turned to writing, resulting in the book One Bullet Away. Sgt. Russell Anderson served in the Army for four years after graduating from high school in the late sixties. However, he remained in the Army Reserve, and in 2004 he volunteered to go to Iraq. Hostile and depressed after his return, he refused to seek counseling, considering it a sign of weakness. Jeff Lucey joined the Marine Reserves as a high school senior, and then spent a year as a truck driver in Iraq. Returning home, he began drinking heavily, experienced panic attacks, and became increasingly despondent. Despite his parents' pleas, the Veterans Administration would not agree to commit him for treatment of his post-traumatic stress disorder until he stopped drinking. He committed suicide at the age of twenty-three. His parents have become activists in the campaign to ensure adequate government funding for PTSD treatment.

Iris Adler is an award-winning director and producer, and executive editor of in-depth programming at New England Cable News (NECN). Her work on Hidden Wounds earned her a 30th annual Boston/New England Emmy. Other work includes the short film Just Married: The Epic Battle over Gay Marriage.

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