Lucy Starbuck / Alannah Campion (England/Uganda) 11'45"

A Woman's Face is a documentary short exploring the link between gender inequality and the disproportionate spread of HIV and AIDS among women in Sub-Saharan Africa. Filmed on location in Kampala, Uganda, the filmmakers ask women in different communities if they feel men and women are equal in Uganda today. Women offer a wide range of answers, spanning the class system and highlighting the multiple truths and complexities of AIDS in Africa today.


A Woman's Face is a graduation piece undertaken as part of the Honors Bachelor of Arts Film and Video Production program at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design University in the U.K. This work was the product of a collaboration between four young filmmakers. First time director Lucy Starbuck enlisted the help of fellow film students Alannah Campion as producer, Andi Smith as cinematographer and Jonas B. Stockfleth as editor to bring her proposal to life.

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Alannah Campion
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