Jerry A. Henry, Andrea J. Chia (USA) 7'10"

Filmmakers Jerry Henry and Andrea Chia started to film a video diary on the day they found out that she was pregnant. As the parents of a multiracial child they examine racial identity in this experimental personal documentary. They filmed Quin‚s birth in an unconventional way - instead of using video, they decided to shoot it on Super 8mm and to shoot it frame-by-frame, like an animation. New parents Jerry and Andrea have endured their own share of discrimination growing up. They hope their newborn son can grow up identifying as something other than "other."

Andrea Chia was born and raised in Singapore. She has done the music and sound for various independent short films, and her photography has been featured in art shows in Los Angeles. Spanning over 2 years, she produced the film Keepintime: A Live Recording. Based off the documentary Keepintime: Talking Drums And Whispering Vinyl, this film brought together music greats from two different worlds for a live, unrehearsed jam session between yesterday‚s beat makers, like Paul Humphrey and James Gadson, and today‚s beat jugglers, including Babu, J.Rocc and Cut Chemist. She also produced the film Brasilintime: Batucada com Discos which was shot in Brazil with the LA-based DJs and drummers of Keepintime, as well as with Madlib, Derf Reklaw, Mamao of Azymuth and Joao Parahyba of Trio Mocoto.

In August 1999, Jerry A. Henry was selected as one of six aspiring young filmmakers to serve as a unit director/videographer on the PBS documentary series Senior Year. He spent a year documenting the lives of three of fifteen senior high school students at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles. He also served as unit director/cinematographer for the thirteen-part reality series that follows nine actors living in Los Angeles. During the tragedies of 9/11, Jerry was in a rural village in Kenya documenting HIV positive orphans resulting in his award-winning documentary I Promise Africa. In November 2002, Jerry traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to shoot and edit the upcoming film Brazilintime.

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Jerry A. Henry, Director/Producer

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