Steve Bradshaw / Chris Woods (Italy/Kenya/Nicaragua/Philippines/Poland/UK) 50'

In the West many Catholics ignore the Church‚s teachings on sex, but in poorer countries the words of the Church still matter, whether spoken from the pulpit or through a government minister. Pope John Paul believed that everyone˜not just the world‚s one billion Catholics˜should follow the Vatican‚s teachings. And he tried to make sure the world listened, becoming a key player in the bitter global debate over women‚s rights and reproductive health. In this unique documentary, BBC reporter Steve Bradshaw investigates how the late Pope, who tried to act in the best interests of women, came to be accused of ruining so many lives.


Steve Bradshaw learnt about journalism working for his father‚s Nottingham News Agency. He edited Granta and the poetry magazine Solstice at Queens‚ College, Cambridge University. In the Seventies, he was a rock music DJ, and he claims to be the first person to play Bruce Springsteen on British radio. Steve was one of the original reporting teams of Radio One‚s Newsbeat, BBC 2‚s Newsnight and Radio Four‚s File on Four. He has made close to 100 radio and TV documentaries from more than 40 countries, including Rhodesia, Lebanon, Rwanda, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone and Bosnia. These have included some 50 stories for BBC‚s Panorama over three decades. Steve has been awarded an Emmy for Investigative Journalism, the Amnesty International Media Award, the International Investigative Journalism Award, the Peabody Award, the Dupont Colombia Journalism Award and the One World International Documentary Award. He is also a member of the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

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