Jed Wolfington (USA) 27'

Recyclers takes us into the world of people whose livelihood is sustained by collecting bottles and cans in San Francisco. The film features a strong line-up of colorful subjects from within the recycling community, presenting an expansive and nuanced reality that evades the polarized labels that mainstream media so often applies to socio-political issues˜issues that are as complex as the people whom they affect.

A native of Washington D.C., Jed Wolfington has been working in the film, television, and documentary profession since 1998, when he first moved to California after serving as an environmental educator with the Peace Corps in Costa Rica. He earned a B.A. from Brown University in International Relations and Russian Language and Literature. He attended the Los Angeles Film School, where he honed his craft as a storyteller. Other films include The BK Invitational and The Dry Spell.

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Jed Wolfington
Walkumentary Productions
Phone: (323) 791-8123

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