David Redmon (China/ USA) 62'


Mardi Gras: Made in China is a story of globalization told through humor and sadness, hope and violence by various characters including the owner of a bead factory in China, the largest Mardi Gras bead distributor in the world; Carnival revelers who exchange beads during Mardi Gras and four teenage workers in China who make Mardi Gras beads. By confronting an increasingly globalized world where consumers and producers are alienated from each other, the film attempts to re-establish human connections through curiosity and humor as it renders visible the seemingly invisible bead trail from the factory to the festival. Viewers are swept into a whirlwind of action, where drunk revelers exchange beads for nudity during Carnival and are asked to guess who made them. Eventually, workers and revelers vicariously encounter each other through the medium of images when the filmmaker projects the documentary on the walls of Bourbon Street during Carnival to obtain reactions and share conversations with revelers. Simultaneously, the filmmaker passes out photographs of revelers exchanging beads during Mardi Gras to workers in the factory. Suddenly, revelers and factory workers encounter each other for the first time, as both attempt to understand each others‚ motivations.

Mardi Gras: Made in China was David Redmon‚s first film. During the course of researching a film on the "Girls Gone Wild" phenomenon, he became fascinated with the idea of connecting the drunken revelers who toss brightly colored beads in the streets of New Orleans to the teenage girls who make them at a factory in China. Redmon is professor of sociology currently teaching at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He has worked on a second documentary film about a young woman who makes Victoria‚s Secret bras in Mexico. The film explores the concept of "intimacy."

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