Bill Haney, Eric Grunebaum (USA) 56'46"


A Life Among Whales is a story about an exploration into the unique relationship between people and whales as told by renowned whales biologist and pioneer Dr. Roger Payne. Beginning with his pioneering research in Patagonia and controversial discoveries of whale songs and cross-ocean communications in the early 1970‚s, to his study of ocean pollution now underway, Payne has consistently advanced the boundaries of science and activism. Unafraid of powerful images, this film‚s unique hybrid of biography and natural history leaves viewers contemplating our stewardship of Earth and our co-existence with some of its most intriguing creatures.

Bill Haney is a partner, director and producer with Uncommon Productions, an independent film production company with offices in Boston and Los Angeles. His first feature production, A Question of Faith, was favorably received at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival, and released theatrically in 2001. In 2002, he produced the PBS documentary The Road to Reconciliation. More recently, Bill produced the feature film American Wake (2004), which was the only film to screen at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. In addition, he directed and produced the award-winning documentaries Racing against the Clock (2004) and Gift of the Game (2002), the latter of which aired nationally on PBS in summer 2003. Currently, Bill is producing three feature films: The Gospel According to Janis, a Janis Joplin biopic starring the singer Pink; Tempesta based on the novel by Juan Manuel de Prada which is currently in edit; and Crusade in Jeans based on the acclaimed novel by Thea Beckman. He is also directing the feature documentary, A Good Priest. Bill serves on a number of boards including The World Resources Institute, WGBH and the Huntington Theater. He is a graduate of Harvard University. 

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