Roberta Grossman / Lisa B. Thomas (USA) 88'


Having brutally occupied the homeland of Native Americans, Europeans forced the indigenous population onto reservations˜land that was specifically selected because of its apparent worthlessness. Today, multinational energy companies and others are coming back to extract the hidden mineral wealth of the reservations, and are leaving a trail of toxins that, if unchecked, will make the land unlivable for centuries to come. Framed by the ecological and spiritual wisdom of Winona LaDuke, Homeland: Four Portraits of Native Action presents a vision of how people all over the world can turn around the destructive policies of thoughtless resource plundering and create a new paradigm in which people can live healthier lives with greater understanding of, and respect for, the planet and all of its inhabitants.

Lisa B. Thomas is president of Katahdin Foundation, a documentary film production company dedicated to producing films on critical social and political issues. Thomas is co-founder, and until 2000 the CEO, of Clif Bar, Inc. Thomas was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in San Francisco in 1998. In addition to managing a rapidly growing and thriving company, she focused heavily on developing a corporate culture that emphasized social and personal responsibility.

Roberta Grossman, co-founder of Katahdin Productions, has a long and distinguished TV career. Writing/producing credits include In the Footsteps of Jesus, a four-hour special for The History Channel; Hollywood & Power: Women on Top, a special on women in Hollywood for AMC; The Rich in America: 150 Years of Town & Country Magazine, a two-hour special for A&E; Below the Waist: Men, Women & Music for VH1; The History of Christianity: The First Thousand Years, a four-hour special on A&E.

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