Kimberlee Acquaro, Stacy Sherman (Rwanda/USA) 28'30"


The 1994 Rwandan genocide left the country nearly seventy percent female, handing Rwanda‚s women an extraordinary burden and an unprecedented opportunity. An inspiring story of loss and redemption, God Sleeps in Rwanda focuses on the spirit of women survivors to overcome the genocide‚s legacy of grief and loss. The film follows five courageous women as they rebuild their lives and, in doing so, redefine women‚s roles in Rwandan society and bring hope to a wounded nation.

Kimberlee Acquaro is a filmmaker and photojournalist whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post Magazine, US News & World Report, Mother Jones and Time Magazine as well as many international publications. Her work has been featured on CBS‚s 48 Hours, BBC/PRI's The World, The Voice of America and NPR. She was awarded a 2001 Pew Fellowship in International Journalism for her work documenting Rwandan women‚s emerging rights and roles in the country‚s reconciliation and reconstruction. Her work is currently on display through the US Holocaust Memorial Museum (www.ushmm.org/exhibit/online/kimberlee).

Stacy Sherman is a filmmaker, screenwriter and mother.

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Kimberlee Acquaro
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