Dear UNAFF Friends,

One of the oldest documentary film festivals in the US, UNAFF was established in 1998 to honor the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It has grown and earned the respect of audiences and filmmakers alike for its fearless independence and integrity. In addition to providing early outlets for films, many of which later went on to win major awards and accolades, UNAFF prides itself in creating a community forum for discovery and dialogue about different cultures and solutions.

Last year’s festival themed BRIDGING THE GAP presented 70 documentaries dealing with topics from around the world and offered seven FREE panel discussions during which renowned experts elucidated topics such as renewable energy, the impact of social media and arts, how dance can transcend barriers of language and race, immigration and children, hate crimes and LGBT issues, women, poverty and inequality, interracial marriage and tolerance, human trafficking and modern slavery, scientific studies on the effect of meditation on the brain, philanthropy and social change, and the passion for producing human rights documentaries.

For the sixth year in a row, we presented our popular matinee program UNAFF & Kids, a recipient of the prestigious Academy Foundation Grant. UNAFF in Schools, a program which started in 2005, had free screenings for students and teachers at Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto and at the Palo Alto High School.

UNAFF continues throughout the year with local film screenings through our UNAFF Café and UNAFF for Seniors programs. The UNAFF Traveling Film Festival, begun in 2000, has also brought global issues to the attention of thousands of people around the US and the world. In partnership with Stanford’s Camera As Witness Program, the Stanford Film Society, and the UNA-USA, we continue to leverage the educational potential of UNAFF films by making the UNAFF Archive, which has now several thousand documentaries available for research purposes. And last year, we introduced another very unique program, UNAFF With Veterans, which provides free screenings at the Veterans Affairs Welcome Center in Menlo Park.

None of this would have been possible without the generous hearts of our supporters and friends.

UNAFF has received praise from academic, civic and community leaders for its use of the documentary film format to give voice to people who would otherwise go unheard, to highlight vastly different life experiences, and to awaken new understanding of major political, cultural and environmental issues. Our audiences place great value on this important opportunity to acquire perspectives unavailable through mainstream news media. As human rights injustices continue to impact millions of vulnerable individuals throughout the world, it is our hope that you will be moved to embrace the issues our films explore.

As a testimony to the integrity of UNAFF’s film selection process, many UNAFF films have gone on to win not only the favor of our jury and our audiences, but also some of the most coveted awards, with seven winning Academy Awards in the Best Documentary category and 27 receiving nominations.

In addition to that, our festival itself was honored with praise and recognition. Last year UNAFF was recognized by UNESCO, which awarded us its prestigious Fellini Medal, which is now proudly displayed along with Stanford’s Community Treasure Award, the Earl W. Eames Award, our two WAVE Awards and our other trophies.

All this work that we do depends on your tax-deductible contributions, which are essential for us to continue with all these valuable programs. For your convenience, gifts may be made:

• online through the secure PayPal module at the left side of this page or
• by mailing a check payable to UNAFF to:

P.O. Box 19369
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Our fiscal sponsor Better World Fund UNA Midpeninsula is a 501 (c) 3 organization.

By attending UNAFF film screenings and through your generous financial support you will have the opportunity to play an active role in making a difference and upholding human dignity in our global community.

With warmest regards and appreciation,

Jasmina Bojic
Founder and Executive Director
UNAFF and UNAFF Traveling Film Festivals


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