Women and Fidel

director/producer: Judithe Bizot and Claudio Bruno
(52 minutes) France
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There are those who believe the revolution has made their lives better, and those who feel that the aging Castro regime weighs heavily. Through streets and countryside, visiting theatres, sports, dance and festivities, filmmakers discover Cuba, Fidel, and the joys and difficulties of daily life. Cuban women speak freely about their lives, hopes and how they see their country in the future - after Fidel.

The question they ask: what should we keep of the revolution? The film shows both the beauty and the decadence of Cuba - neither black nor white - but rather gray or rose depending on the day and the women.

bio: Judithe Bizot has served 18 years with UNESCO, working in education, on human rights issues and international understanding. Ms. Bizot is assistant professor at Berkeley working on peace and conflict studies and the myths and realities of development. She has been a film director and producer of documentaries on women in the South for the last 8 years. She is a member of Greenpeace as well as the Kronos Quartet.

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