Strange Spirit: One Country's Occupation

director/producer: Ronny Novick and Rebecca McClen Novick
(40 minutes) U.S.A.
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Strange Spirit tells the story of a country behind bars. Through the eyes of Tibetan exiles, this 40 minute documentary chronicles the passionate struggle by the Tibetan people in a country where hopes for democracy and religious freedom are routinely punished by imprisonment and torture.

Through their personal experiences they tell the moving story of invasion, occupation, resistance, imprisonement and torture from the first battles in 1950 up to the present day. Soldiers describe the fall of capital city of Lhasa and how they smuggled the Dalai Lama accross the Himalayas into India.

bio: Ronny Novick and Rebecca McClen Novick are a husband and wife documentary team and this is their first film together. Rebecca McClen Novick has co-edited two interview anthologies entitled Mavericks of the Mind (The Crossing Press, 1993) and Voices From the Edge (The Crossing Press, 1995). In 1993 she co-produced a short documentary entitled Voices of Vision which profiled the life of Nazi refugee, Nina Graboi. Ronny Novick is a musician, artist and filmmaker.

contact information:
Ronny Novick, Producer
Two Bat Productions
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phone: (310) 457-4693
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