director/producer: Momir Matovic
(19 minutes) Yugoslavia
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The war in Bosnia and Hercegovina left many people torn between pessimism and dejection, on the one hand, and optimism and frantic hopes, on the other. How does this war reflect in the eyes and soul of the filmmaker? One can hear sounds and signs of life in — a Prelude for a new life.

bio: Momir Matovic was born in Podgorica, Republic of Montenegro, Yugoslavia. He graduated at the University of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade - Department of film. Mr.Matovic's documentaries have been shown and awarded in different international film festivals. He received the prize Certificate of Merit at the San Francisco International Film Festival (1997) for the documentary "String of Life".

contact information:
Momir Matovic
81000 Podgorica,
Marka Miljanova 69
Montenegro, Yugoslavia
phone: 381-81-614-046
email: MATEFILM@cg.yu