Mongolia on the Edge of Time

director/producer: Lisa Seidenberg
(32 minutes) U.S.A.
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Not Since Genghis Khan led an army out of Asia and conquered the world has there been much news in remote (Outer) Mongolia. In 1990, influenced by the wave of change in Eastern Europe, Mongolians took to the streets, calling for an end to Soviet domination and the establishment of democratic freedoms.

Mongolia On the Edge of Time, tells the story of democracy and cultural change in Mongolia, a sparsely populated country of nomads, from the street protests of 1990, the switch to market economy and five years of upheaval that resulted in a strange mix of rapid modernisation with a revival of ancient traditions.

bio: Lisa Seidenberg has worked as a director and cinematographer on many documentaries concerned with cultural and political change, especially in Russia. She has also worked for news agencies, Reuters, and Worldwide Television News at the United Nations and on international assignments in Haiti, Cuba, Cambodia, Lebanon, Eastern Europe and China.

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