In Whose Honor?

director/producer Jay Rosenstein
(47 minutes) U.S.A.
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In Whose Honor? takes a critical look at the long-running practice—and controversy—of using American Indian mascots and nicknames in sports.

It follows the remarkable story of Native American artist and activist Charlene Teters—from her beginnings protesting against the Indian mascot at the University of Illinois, to the re-birth of the movement nationwide, and finally, a look at the backlash that occurs in the community where she first began.

bio: Jay Rosenstein is an independent documentary producer who specializes in social issue documentaries that focus on under-represented groups and under -reported issues in the mainstream media. His films are shown in a different video and film festivals. IN WHOSE HONOR won awards at San Francisco International Film Festival, the National Educational Media Network and the Windy City International Documentary Festival.

contact information:
Jay Rosenstein, Producer/Director
Rosenstein Productions
POB 2483
Champagne, IL 61825-2483
phone: (217) 351-6867