I Don't Know Where, Or When, Or How

director/producer: Zelimir Gvardiol
(8 minutes) Yugoslavia
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Since 1986 the death rate among older people in Yugoslavia has quintupled and the number of suicides has increased dramatically. With stunning cinematography and pacing this film captures a sensitive portrait of a number of aged people in the war-torn country, their alienation, confusion and, most importantly, their sense of dignity.

bio:Zelimir Gvardiol was born in Zemun, Yugoslavia. Since 1985 he has lived and worked in Belgrade as an independent filmmaker. In 1991 he founded the production comany SPES. His documentaries have appeared and were awarded in many international film festivals, from Finland, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Hungary to Greece, Italy, Poland, Australia, Yugoslavia and the U.S.

contact information:
Zelimir Gvardiol
Treci Bulevar 132/57
Novi Beograd 11070
phone: 381-11-143-457
fax:      381-11-143-457