Green Plans

directors/producers: John DeGraaf and Jack Hamann
(57 minutes) U.S.A.
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Twenty-six years after the first Earth Day, public enthusiasm for environmental protection seems to be at a standstill. People have become tired of endless confrontation and cynical about spending billions on projects like Superfund only to find that much of the money ends up in the pockets of lawyers. Could there be another approach—one that holds real hope for progress in solving environmental problems?

Green Plans takes a close look at two countries - the Netherlands and New Zealand - that have moved beyond the rhetoric toward sustainability with bold and innovative environmental programs.

bio: Jack Hamann is in his seventh season as a correspondent for CNN's Environment Unit, and its weekly newsmagazines, Earth Matters and Network Earth.

John de Graaf has been producing documentaries for US public television and for commercial television 21 years. Many of his documentaries have dealt with environmental subjects. The most recent, Affluenza and Escape from Affluenza, aired on PBS.

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